15 Must-Know iPhone Secrets for Full Access [2024 Edition]


iPhone Secrets: Your iPhone’s dialer isn’t just a tool for making calls — it’s a hidden treasure trove full of secret codes that can uncover secrets about your device, troubleshoot problems, and send your caller ID when making a call. Can also hide.

These secret codes are known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). Think of these as a special series of characters, usually reserved for developers and technicians to troubleshoot and fix smartphones. The magic lies in their ability to perform various tasks on your iPhone.

Entering these codes is like whispering a secret mantra to your phone. Sometimes, the impact is immediate, revealing hidden details or triggering specific actions. However, there are instances where you need to add your own touch of magic by tapping on the call button to activate these hidden commands.

Now, let’s reveal some of these fascinating secret codes that you can try on your iPhone, unlocking a world of hidden features and possibilities.

The magic of these codes may vary depending on your geographical location. Most codes work seamlessly in the United States, but the magic may fade in different regions.

15 iPhone Secrets for a Seamless Experience

1. Discover Your Signal Strength

Uncover the strength of your iPhone’s signal by entering 3001#12345#. Field Test Mode reveals intricate details about your device’s settings, network, and technical data. Keep an eye on Rsrp for a signal strength check.

2. Caller ID Mysteries

Unleash the power to hide or reveal your caller ID. In the US, cloak it with *67, or unveil it with *82. Internationally, use *31 to hide and *82 to reveal before dialing.

3. SMS Center Expedition

Journey into the SMS center by entering #50057672# to troubleshoot any SMS issues and unveil hidden details.

4. Call Waiting Odyssey

Embark on the Call Waiting quest with *#43# to check, enable with *43#, or disable with #43#. Navigate through the codes to control your calling destiny.

5. IMEI Revelation

Decode the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) with the mystical *#06# to unveil a unique identifier for your phone’s hardware.

6. Call Line Presentation Safari

Explore the realm of Call Line Presentation with *#30# to ensure your number is visible to the recipient of your calls.

7. Balance Inquiry Quest

For postpaid, uncover your bill balance with *225#, and for prepaid, embark on *777# to reveal your account balance.

8. Call Forwarding Magic

Unravel the secrets of call forwarding with *#21#. Dial *21# to enable or disable, or add *21 before a number to divert your calls.

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9. Local Traffic Oracle

Dial 511 to receive local traffic wisdom when the internet’s embrace is out of reach.

10. Data Usage Alchemy

For prepaid users, conjure your cellular data usage with carrier-specific codes like *3282# for AT&T or #3282 for Verizon. Postpaid sorcerers can invoke *646#.

11. Alert System Enchantment

Navigate through iOS versions with 500525371# for iOS 15.3 or earlier, or toggle Test Alerts in Settings for iOS 15.6 and later.

12. Missed Calls Glimpse

Peer into the realm of missed calls with #61# to unveil the echoes of your unanswered conversations.

13. Full Rate Mode Alchemy

Enhance your call sound quality with the spellbinding *3370#. Beware, for this magic may drain your iPhone’s power more swiftly.

14. IMSI Quest

Unearth the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) by dialing 5005# on the keypad, and discovering the unique cellular network identifier.

15. Call Barring Enigma

Master the art of call barring with #33# to check, 33pin# to enable, and #33pin# to disable. Craft your shield against unwanted calls and international surprises.

Final thoughts

As we conclude this expedition into the hidden realms of your iPhone, think of these 15 secret codes as the keys to unlocking a world of extraordinary functionalities.

Crafted with precision by Apple, these digital keys, formally known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes, are your way to transform routine tasks into elegantly executed commands that let you Settings saves you from the maze of apps.

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