15 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners In 2023


Affiliate marketing’s soaring popularity as the best source of income for beginners stems from its potential for passive earnings, accessibility, versatility, and flexibility. The minimal financial risk involved adds to its appeal, making it an attractive option for aspiring digital entrepreneurs worldwide.

However, the journey into affiliate marketing begins with choosing a beginner-friendly affiliate program. Such a program provides simplified onboarding, clear policies, quality marketing resources, reputable products, and fair commissions.

We have already explained in detail “How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money” but did not give details about affiliate program. So friends in this article you will know about the best affiliate program for beginners.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners to Make Money

1. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels is a leading sales funnel builder used by marketers and entrepreneurs worldwide. Its affiliate program offers competitive commission rates, with affiliates earning up to 40% in recurring commissions for promoting ClickFunnels’ products.

As an affiliate, you gain access to training and marketing materials to enhance your promotional strategies. Moreover, ClickFunnels offers a “Dream Car” incentive, where high-performing affiliates can earn a monthly payment towards the lease of their dream car.

2. ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit is a popular email marketing tool that caters to content creators and entrepreneurs. Its affiliate program is known for its generous commission rates and ease of use. By promoting ConvertKit, you can earn recurring commissions of up to 30% for every successful referral.

The program provides affiliates with access to a user-friendly dashboard, real-time analytics, and a plethora of marketing resources to optimize your efforts. Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, or business owner, ConvertKit’s affiliate program can be a powerful source of passive income.

3. Airbnb Referral Program

Airbnb, the renowned accommodation booking platform, has a referral program that allows affiliates to earn money by referring new hosts and guests. Through the Airbnb Affiliate Program, you can generate a commission for each successful booking made by your referrals.

Airbnb provides customizable referral links, banners, and widgets to embed on your website or share on social media. With its global reach and trusted reputation, the Airbnb Referral Program can be a lucrative addition to your affiliate marketing portfolio.

4. GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

GreenGeeks is a web hosting provider known for its eco-friendly approach. Their affiliate program allows you to promote their hosting services and earn up to $125 per sale. The program provides real-time tracking, advanced reporting, and dedicated affiliate support.

For environmentally-conscious affiliates, GreenGeeks’ program not only offers a chance to earn money but also contribute to a sustainable future.

5. Survey Junkie Affiliate Program

Survey Junkie is a popular online survey platform that pays users for sharing their opinions. As an affiliate, you can earn money by promoting Survey Junkie to your audience.

Affiliates receive a commission for each new user who signs up and completes surveys on the platform. With the increasing demand for online surveys, this program offers great potential for those seeking to earn extra income.

6. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is a well-known freelance marketplace where talented individuals offer their services. Through its affiliate program, you can promote Fiverr’s services and earn up to $150 for every first-time buyer or up to $1,000 per sale of their high-value services.

Fiverr provides affiliates with promotional materials, monthly newsletters, and exclusive offers to enhance their promotional efforts.

7. Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly, the widely-used grammar and writing tool, has an affiliate program that lets you promote their premium subscription plans. Affiliates can earn commissions for both free sign-ups and premium subscriptions, making it an excellent opportunity for bloggers, writers, and educators.

Grammarly provides affiliates with creative assets, performance tracking, and personalized support to maximize their earning potential.

8. ClickBank University Affiliate Program

ClickBank University is an educational platform designed to help individuals succeed in affiliate marketing and product creation. As an affiliate, you can promote their training programs and earn generous commissions.

ClickBank University offers high-converting marketing materials, affiliate contests, and weekly live Q&A sessions to support its affiliates. This program is ideal for affiliate marketers who want to improve their skills while earning income through promotions.

9. LinkConnector Affiliate Program

LinkConnector is a performance-based affiliate network that connects affiliates with top merchants in various industries. As a partner, you gain access to an extensive range of products and services to promote, ensuring there is something relevant for your audience.

LinkConnector’s advanced tracking technology and comprehensive reporting tools enable affiliates to monitor their performance effectively.

10. Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy, the popular marketplace for handmade and vintage items, has an affiliate programs that allows you to earn commissions on sales generated through your referral links.

With millions of unique products and a strong community, Etsy offers a diverse range of products to promote. Affiliates can take advantage of Etsy’s creative assets, data feeds, and seasonal promotions to drive sales.

11. Wix Affiliate Program

Wix is a user-friendly website builder widely used by businesses and individuals to create stunning websites. As a Wix affiliate, you can earn commissions by promoting their premium plans to your audience.

The program offers competitive commission rates and provides affiliates with marketing materials, tracking tools, and dedicated support.

12. HubSpot Affiliate Program

HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing and sales platform that offers a powerful affiliate program. As a HubSpot affiliate, you can earn up to $1,000 for each customer you refer to their services.

With its reputable brand and high-quality marketing resources, HubSpot’s program is well-suited for marketers and businesses looking to earn substantial commissions.

13. Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy is a leading online learning platform that offers courses on various subjects. Through its affiliate program, you can earn commissions by promoting Udemy’s courses to your audience.

With an extensive library of courses and frequent discounts, Udemy provides a compelling offer for learners, making it an attractive choice for affiliate marketers.

14. ClickMagick Affiliate Program

ClickMagick is a popular link tracking and optimization tool used by digital marketers. Its affiliate program offers recurring commissions of up to 35%, allowing affiliates to earn passive income from referrals.

ClickMagick provides affiliates with comprehensive tracking tools, marketing resources, and performance reports to maximize their earnings.

15. Coursera Affiliate Program

Coursera is a leading online education platform that partners with top universities and institutions to offer high-quality courses. Through its affiliate program, you can promote Coursera’s courses and earn commissions on qualifying sales.

With a broad range of courses and specializations available, Coursera’s program offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates in the education and self-improvement niches.

Difference Between Affiliate Networks and Individual Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks act as intermediaries between affiliates and merchants, offering a centralized platform for multiple affiliate programs. These networks simplify the process for affiliates, as they can access a wide range of products and services from various merchants under one roof. Some popular affiliate networks include :-

ShareASale :- ShareASale is a leading affiliate network known for its diverse merchant base. With over 4,500 merchants and various product categories, it is an excellent platform for beginners to explore different niches.

ShareASale provides detailed reporting, reliable tracking, and timely payouts, making it user-friendly for affiliates.

ClickBank :- ClickBank primarily focuses on digital products like eBooks, online courses, and software. The platform is beginner-friendly due to its easy sign-up process and straightforward product selection.

ClickBank offers competitive commissions, often exceeding 50% of the product price, attracting many aspiring affiliate marketers.

Individual Affiliate Programs

Individual affiliate programs are managed directly by merchants or companies, without involving any intermediary affiliate network.

While these programs may require separate sign-ups for each merchant, they offer distinct advantages like personalized support and higher commission rates. Some popular individual affiliate programs for beginners include :-

Amazon Associates :- Amazon Associates is one of the largest and most beginner-friendly affiliate programs in the world. With millions of products across various categories, affiliates can find products that align with their niche. Amazon’s brand recognition and trust also help in converting referrals into sales.

Hostinger Affiliate Program :- Hostinger is a renowned web hosting provider, and their affiliate program offers generous commissions for each successful referral.

Given the growing demand for website hosting services, this program presents a great opportunity for aspiring affiliates in the blogging and website development niche.

Shopify Affiliate Program :- Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, offers an affiliate program that rewards affiliates for referring new merchants to their platform. With the growing trend of online businesses, Shopify’s program holds tremendous potential for affiliate marketers.

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